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This is the cool way to see Paphos!

There are safari tours available for all abilities in the picturesque Lara Nature Reserve, Akama National Park and the surrounding area. For private hire, there are motorbikes, quad bikes, buggies and bicycles.

All safari tours can be enjoyed on quad bikes and buggies.

We have quad bikes for one or for two people, and buggies for two, three, four and six people!

Golden ride, is the only company in Paphos that offers 5 different safari routes. We cater everyone, from beginners to those with previous ATV experience, as well as skilled Enduro riders.
Aiming to avoid the traffic-heavy roads of Paphos town, we start our safari tours from Coral bay. This way, we keep the time spent on asphalt to a minimum!

Did you know? Akamas Peninsula, is the last large unspoiled coastal area remaining in Cyprus and one of the very few important sea turtle nesting grounds in the Mediterranean. Two species of turtles, the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta-caretta) and the rarer Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), nest in Lara / Turtle Bay.

Visiting Lara is a prominent feature of our safaris. Not only you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the bay, but also you can learn more about the turtles, their life and breeding while we are there.