Our dedicated and experienced drivers and technicians are always ready to instruct our clients and deal with any technical problems on spot.

The key to safe riding is controlling the bike. Tipping the quad over is an initial fear of many first-time riders, but that only happens if the person loses focus. Another dangerous thing is standing up while driving as you can be hit by a branch.

Dust in the dry months of the year means that protective goggles or close-fitting sunglasses make a safer riding. People with asthma are advised to wear a proper dust-mask.

Taking those safety measures on board, the rides are great fun.


The main reasons for accidents

  • Driver lacks experience

We go at a medium tempo but you still need to be very mindful if you’re a novice.

  • Distance between the vehicles is too short of too long

The safe distance is 20-25m; if someone stays behind and then speeds up to catch up the rest of the group, sometimes they lose the control of the bike; if the distance is too short, they can hit the driver in front of them in case of sudden stops.

  • Playing, riding recklessly

We promote safe driving, and remind of it during our frequent stops in case someone forgets quickly.

* * *

We provide our clients with:

  • safety helmets
  • goggles (only contact lens wearers, upon request)
  • protective mask for dust (optional)

*We also confirm that is completely safe to bring your children along. Minimum age for passengers on quads is 12, in buggies the is no restriction. You can fit a car seat for kids as well.


We keep our bikes in a good condition and every time before each safari we check all the bikes (brakes, steering, tire pressure and condition, lights, mirrors, engine, petrol). Also we keep an updated record of checks and maintenance.


All staff members are trained and experienced in driving bikes and leading a safari.


We have all the appropriate equipment for the safari and the operation of our bikes.


  • Staff drivers are informed about the health and safety procedures, as well as have instructions for emergency cases.