Golden Ride Rentals is not just about rentals and safaris.

These boys know how to have fun: they sponsor the motor races run by Cyprus Motorcycle Federation (CYMF)!

Here they are, ready to win!

Check the race schedule here.

The racing team

Christos Tsaggaras, MX2 

Christos Tsaggaras, 2nd placeChristos Tsaggaras, 3rd place







Lambros Tsaggaras, MX2

Lambros Tsaggaras, 3rd placeLambros Tsaggaras

Marinos Tsaggaras, MX2

Marinos Tsaggaras Marinos Tsaggaras

Neofitos Tsaggaras, MX85 – R.I.P., Neofite, you are loved, you are missed! 

Neofitos Tsaggaras, 1st place Neofytos Tsaggaras, 2nd place

George Tsaggaras, MX3

George Tsaggara George Tsaggara

George Tsaggaras junior, MX65

George Tsaggaras, 1st placeGeorge Tsaggaras, MX65, 2nd place